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Lice Prevention Essential Set - Babo Botanicals BABO-9609

Lice Prevention Essential Set


ITEM# 100361
This lice prevention set is all you need to keep lice away. Contains Babo's clinically proven, all natural lice repel shampoo and conditioning spray. Use them daily when a lice outbreak occurs and the smell of tea tree, rosemary, mint and thyme will help repel the lice. The terminator comb which is FDA approved and rated #1 should be used as well a few times a week to ensure 100 percent certainty.

- 8 oz Lice Repel Shampoo
- 8 oz Lice Repel Conditioning Spray
- Terminator Lice Comb
- Tip Sheet
Be proactive and repel head lice before your child gets it! For best results, shampoo and use the spray daily. Use the lice comb two times a week to ensure no eggs in hair. The products are so gentle, yet effective that can be used by the entire family.
During an outbreak and camp or school, use shampoo, conditioner daily. Comb child's hair with lice comb.
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