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SinglePass Whirl, curling wand - T3 T3-73580

SinglePass Whirl, curling wand


ITEM# 100220
A professional styling wand with tapered barrel that creates kink-free, on trend waves quickly and easily.

Digital T3 Tourmaline, SinglePass™ technology delivers lightning-fast, accurate and consistent heating, ensuring no down time while preventing the over and under heating of hair. Create luscious waves simply by wrapping the hair around the barrel while holding the wand in a downward position.

- LCD display to display temperature and heating progress bar
- Cool tip & stand to Protect hands and surfaces from heated barrel
- Heat resistant glove to safeguard against accidental burns while styling
- 9ft, 360° swivel cord for hassle-free styling.
- World voltage
- 2-year warranty
Styling Guide
  1. Divide hair into 4 equal vertical sections.
  2. Begin on either side of the head and always hold the wand perpendicular to the floor
  3. Starting at the root, take a 2-3” wide vertical section of hair in front of the barrel and wrap it away from your head around the barrel.
  4. Hold for 10 to 12 seconds, and then gently release the curl. Continue around the entire head.

Styling Tips:
  • First-time users should always start at a lower heat setting
  • For a looser wave, gently tug at the end while hair is cooling. Finger comb for beautiful, relaxed waves
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