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The Bombshell 3/4-Inch Rod Curling Iron - Sultra Sultra-50009

The Bombshell 3/4-Inch Rod Curling Iron


ITEM# 100234
Get bouncy, tight, sexy and glossy ringlet curls with The Bombshell 3/4-Inch Rod Curling Iron. Featuring Sultra’s exclusive ThermaTru™ Ceramic Technology that mends hair during the styling process with Far Infrared Rays and constant 380 °F heat, The Bombshell is perfect for color-treated, dry or damaged hair. Create the ringlet curls and wild waves you want in half the time of traditional clip curling irons.

- Exclusive ThermaTru™ Ceramic Technology generates Far Infrared Rays that mend and defend your hair while you style, smoothing the cuticle and locking in your look.
- Perfect for Color-Treated, Dry or Damaged Hair.
- Easy to use - Wrap, Release, Repeat!!
- Curls in half the time of traditional “clip” curling irons with no clip lines.
- Universal Voltage.
- Includes a complimentary Styling Glove and Iron Pad.
- Two-year warranty.
Suggested Usage:
  1. Part your hair into four sections from front to back and ear to ear. Wear Styling Glove on left hand. Hold The Bombshell in right hand.
  2. Starting with the top left section, take a 1" horizontal piece of hair, position The Bombshell with the tip facing straight back and wrap the hair around the barrel starting right at the scalp. Be sure to pull the hair tightly around the barrel all the way to the ends. Hold for about 8 – 10 seconds.
  3. While still holding the hair with your gloved hand, loosen the hair and slide the rod out, allowing the hair to cool completely in your hand before releasing.
  4. Repeat steps. When finished, leave curls untouched for a beautiful, bouncy curl or finger comb for a looser, more natural look.
Tips: When styling the right side of your head, switch the glove to your right hand and the iron to your left.
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